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My STL ‘To Eat’ List

Places I have not been, or have not been to in many a moon, and want to visit.  And one trip will not suffice.  If it’s up on my ‘to eat’ list, it has to run the gauntlet a few times before it can be removed.  Oh, for an infinite time and budget.



– United Provisions

– Peacemaker

– The Whiskey Ring — 50 different bourbons, whiskeys, etc. and a “wood-oriented” theme to the decor.  sure

– Juniper – southern theme.  why sure

Cleveland-Heath – I want to go to there.  Why, in the name of all that is tasty, have I not been there yet?

– Scratch Brewing – time for round two

– Olio

– Planter’s House

– Alpha Brewing

– Piccione Pastry

The Salted Pig

– Alumni Saint Louis – where my ravs at?

 Pan d’Olive   

– The Rustic Goat Eatery & Lounge– Livery Co.

– Marcella’s Mia Sorella

– Taqueria El Bronco – if I decide to cheat on La Vallesana


– Kaslik Restaurant

– El Chico Bakery – TAMALES

– Southtown Pub – more bbq

– Atlas

– Bar les Freres – bien sur

– Cielo

– Stone Soup Cottage – yet another splurge, and must remember to plan 4 months in advance in order to lock down a table

– Takaya New Asian

– J. Spain’s Waffle & Wings

Capitalist Pig – just one more reason to go to Mad Art

– Five Bistro

– Little  Country Gentleman – has the whiff of being unjustifiably pricey, but maybe, just maybe…

– Blondie’s Coffee and Wine Bar – can I steal their leather/American flag couch?

Orbit Pinball Lounge – go Maplewood

– Chava’s Mexican Restaurant

Seamus McDaniel’s – always room for another pub in the rotation

Broadway Oyster Bar – oysters, music, and mroe

London’s Wing House – ongoing challenge for someone to produce fried chicken better than my dad’s

– The Gumbo Shop – vetted and approved by a friend who is a native of Lousiana

Gokul Snacks & Sweets

Hiro Sushi

– Salume Beddu –  love me some pork products — must try a sandwich…or two

The Mud House – And if it’s not so good I can wander over to la Vallesana

The London Tea Room


Frank Papa’s Ristorante – need to return

– de.lish Cheesecaek Bakery & Cafe

– Charles P. Stanley – more ‘to-drink’ than ‘to-eat’



3 Comments leave one →
    • February 3, 2011 9:34 pm

      Hahaha, you and George are on it!!! I’ve been to Chuy’s at the Coronado quite a few times, but the other two are new. Woooo, margaritas. Arcelias has great potential for a birthday given Lafayette square location.

  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 1, 2013 11:29 am

    Oysters, meh!?

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