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Yet More Distractions…

Want some more mindless Internet distractions?  Of course you do!  Here’s a choice few.  Most – but not all – have some connection to food.

Tastespotting – For me the king of all time-sucks.  Feast your eyes.  Literally.

Bourbon and Banter – I ❤ Bourbon.  I also heart all the vintage bourbon ads that appear in this post (not to mention the banter re bourbon)

Food in Jars – Fantastic canning blog.

Sauce Magazine – Props to STL

Uncrate – Supposed to be a shopping site for dudes.  I have come across many a gift idea (for others, as well as myself)

Design*Sponge – So many great ideas.

Design Milk – Likewise

The Kitchn

Gastronomer’s Guide

Show-Me Beer

Food Blog Mafia

Vegetables? EWWWW – Great tumblr.

Things Organized Neatly – visually pleasing

Plenty of Colour – COLOR!!!

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