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Strange Donuts — Get Stranger

November 9, 2013

So, recently made some trips to Strange Donuts.  I’ll hand it to the guys.  They certainly were able to whip up a frenzy around their donut endeavor.  Sauce and Feast feature articles, craft brew collaborations, …pog tournaments…  The Strange Donut fellas put on a social media blitz that has had every hipster within the Greater St. Louis area salivating for fried dough.  Bedeviled by setbacks and delays–one can only assume–Strange Donuts did not meet its goal opening date of National Donut Day (the first Friday of June every year).   Nearly five months later, the store front on Sutton started whirring with activity with both early morning and–admittedly inspired–late night hours on the weekends.

Alright, the donuts.  I’ll cut right to it.  They are no Worlds Fair Donuts.  I certainly was not among the faithful waiting in line at 6am on opening day.  As of right now, these are not wait-in-line-at-6am-donuts.   I have hopes they’ll remedy this in the next couple months; getting up off the ground is always brutal.  However, when you’re open, you’re open.  On the very first visit, I opted for one of the more basic cake donuts topped with chocolate icing and sprinkles.  And I sampled Bart’s Revenge (left, below) and some peanut butter-creation.

The chocolate icing on these things is actually spot on.  It’s that low-brow ganache type substance that is absolutely essential for donuts.  The yellow cake donut was not as dense as it looked–fairly light and not too sweet, which I like.  However, there was no added punch.  There was no soupçon of lemon, tang of buttermilk, whiff of cinnamon–nothing that made these things particularly distinctive.  I expect more from something ‘strange.’  And the chocolate cake was quite dense, quite dry, and similarly blase.  And regarding whether the two donuts below are strange…as far as I can tell, they are just donuts with candy crumbled on top.

Well done identifying a niche that was otherwise unoccupied in St. Louis.  And well done with some of the late night, weekend creations–most of which involve a collaboration with a local meat purveyor (ex. a Salume Beddu/jelly-esque donut or a Sugar Fire Smokehouse/fold-over donut with brisket and gravy).  That’s some good stuff.  But up your A.M. game.  Thx.

005PS  Thank you to SK for the non iphone shots of ye donuts.  Not to mention the thought provoking donut/boot photo, which is THE MOST HIPSTER SHOT OF DONUTS EVER TAKEN ON THIS EARTH.

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