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Thusly began the annual peach feast…

June 22, 2013

We may be several weeks off before Eckerts starts producing peaches, but Georgia’s got’em!  Dickey Farms, you  can count on my 3 box purchase of your little gems in perpetuity (it is a Father’s Day necessity–two boxes for him, one for me).

Their arrival caught me somewhat off-guard–I lack certain essential accompaniments like vanilla ice cream and rice krispies.  However, until I make it to the grocery store, I’m quite happy to tear into a peach over the sink, juice running to my elbows.  I, and I alone, will consume these peaches morning and night until they are gone.  I would bring a peach to work, but the rapacious vigor with which I consume these things is a little disturbing.  I’ll confine the peach frenzy to my home.

If you are a peach fan and don’t mind a splurge, Dickey Farms will not disappoint.


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