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The Pie Imperative – Pie Oh My

March 29, 2013

 Tiny pies y’all!!!  Tiny.  Freaking. Pies.


I mean, you could not go to Pie Oh My in Maplewood.  You could just ignore your privilege to live in (or be visiting) a city that is endowed with a store selling a wide variety of mini (and regular) pies.  But then I’m going to assume that you are damn fool.  Thanks for being up-front about it.

Fact.  Miniature things are awesome. Fact.  Pie is awesome.  Naturally, the pies that owner Jane Callahan is serving up are exceedingly awesome (plus, she’s a really nice lady).  From fruit pies to nut to custard that come in 2 bite tarts up to 9.5 inch big guys, Pie Oh My has your growing  backside.  Although, obviously, many varieties are seasonal and some, like chocolate, are only available on certain days.

Oh, and in a delightful bit of Maplewood synergy, Pie Oh My has a few pie offerings imbued with the power of Schlafly beer.   Yes, contain yourselves, pie + beer.   The Stout-Pecan Tart  is made with Schlafly Imperial Stout (pictured above) and is quite delightful.

So yeah, go to Pie Oh My.  Open Tues-Sat, 11am-6pm.  Even if pie isn’t “your thing,” I’m sure you know some normal people.  And I can tell you from experience that handing someone near-and-dear a surprise box of tiny pies is a win-win situation.  Give the gift of pie.



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  1. SPK permalink
    April 15, 2013 9:22 am

    Oh man I somehow missed this post. Going to experience PIEDEATH this dang weekend.


  1. Beer + Dessert — Sweet Synergy | The Moscow Circus

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