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Seoul Taco Brick & Mortar

January 14, 2013

SeoulTacoIn college, when the food truck craze was just gaining traction, I spent a not inconsiderable amount of time trying to track down a taco truck.  At that time, part of the novelty of food trucks involved hunting them down–the exclusivity of a successful quest was a key component of the cache.  However, after finally tracking down my quarry , the expense and lackluster quality burned me, burned me bad.  As a result, I have never fully been on the food truck bandwagon.  Even so, when I hear about creative truck concepts, like Seoul Taco, my interest is piqued.

The Seoul Taco Truck has been puttering around St. Louis for a while now.  And while I have never made a concerted effort to track it down, serendipity has been my friend. On a couple of occasions, I have exited a bar downtown/midtown-ish (ex. Four Hands) and been delighted to find the truck parked. Dumplings have been consumed.  I’ve always been left wanting to sample more though.

How pleased I was to learn that Seoul Taco was venturing into the brick and mortar realm off of Delmar in the Loop.   It’s a pretty safe bet that the restaurant isn’t going to lift itself from its foundations and flee from 571 Melville Avenue during the time it takes me to drive myself from my home to its location.

The restaurant has more or less the same menu as the truck — the addition of burritos and certain time limitations on when you can get pot stickers (just at dinner when I went).  My dining partner ordered the burrito out of curiosity and while the meat was tasty, the whole thing would have been better left divided amongst their eponymous tacos.  The bulgogi bowl was decent – loved the massive amounts of greens in it.

It’s a decent joint and in a prime spot for college folk.  However, if I’m hankering for bulgogi topped with a fried egg, I’m more likely to head a few blocks down to U-City Grill.

Seoul Taco on Urbanspoon

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  1. SPK permalink
    January 15, 2013 2:44 pm

    Big fan of the spicy pork burrito. Also big fan of getting to eat there without having to tell someone I ate at a food truck.

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