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Ninja-bread Men Make a Stealthy Escape – Cookie Excess

January 1, 2013

Welp.  Over a week ago I was in a baking frenzy.   Butter was softened.  Flour was thrown.  Too many cookies were made.  I always make the standard favorites–lest I anger the mob–but I cannot restrain myself from making a couple newbies that may have a dubious reception from friends and family.  Tradition.  Deal with it.

This year, one of my experiments was a gingerbread cookie, a ninjabread cookie to be precise.  I had received some fun cookie-cutters, and darnit if I wasn’t going to use them (this was a dandy recipe–nice and spicy, and didn’t make a ridiculous amount).  However, a week later, somewhat predictably, the ninjabread men have made a stealthy escape from the doom destined for their snickerdoodle and peanut butter blossom brethren.  Ah well.  T’is the season.  Happy New Year to all!
ninjabread men

(oh and one James-Bond-ginger-man)


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