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Kakao – Go to Your Happy Place

December 5, 2012

T’is the gifting season.  T’is the my-to-do-list-is-excessive season.  Go to your happy place, my friend.  Treat Yo’ Self and knock some items off ye olde to-do list in one fell swoop.  Clueless about what to get your  assistant?  Tower of luscious sea salt caramels – BOOM.  Neighbor?  An array of jewel-toned pate de fruit – BOOM.  Dog-walker?  Box of bacon brittle – BOOM.  Errant cousin?  Marshmallow pies – BOOM.  They don’t have a sweet tooth?  Whatever.  You can claim plausible deniability because no reasonable person would turn their nose up at these items.  Paleo, schmaleo.  At least they can keep the ribbon.

While you’re there (if you’re at the Maplewood location), you mightttt as welllll cool your heels in the midst of your holiday errand running and sample a bit of Serendipity ice cream topped with Kakao’s house-made goodies.  Simple though it be, I highly recommend a scoop of classic chocolate crowned with a gob of marshmallow fluff.  But ready your water bottle – it puts the sweet in sweet tooth.  And you can never, ever, ever go wrong with caramel sauce.

Kakao Chocolate on Urbanspoon

Ka-Ka-O Chocolate on Urbanspoon


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