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Mad Tomato – Pros / Cons (mostly pros)

October 4, 2012

My first visit to Mad Tomato was exceptional.  Subsequent trips have been lovely, but didn’t bowl me over to the same degree – their price points inch just a touch high for what is an otherwise fun and low-key restaurant.

Mad Tomato for sure has hit the right relaxed atmosphere to accommodate a range of evenings – casual jeans and tees affairs, group festive celebrations, date night — whatever, it works there.  I immediately liked the vibe.  Another consistent impression: Mad Tomato is equipped with a well-edited, and distractingly enticing menu.  I was pretty indecisive that first time when confronted with a bevy of creative small plates and pastas, rustic pizzas, and entrees.

If you happen to see a special that involves house-made whole wheat linguine and a clam sauce, order it – fabulous dish that they honestly should make a regular on the menu (crazy interesting texture to the  whole wheat pasta).  Likewise, the lobster ravioli (see below for visual) should not be passed up if it is among the specials.  The ever-present Hunter’s Egg appetizer is also a stand-out (polenta, pancetta, white beans, and a runny egg – yum).  Their pizza has a chewy, thin, rustic crust and tends get a little sodden in the middle – a fork and knife may be necessary until you get closer to the crust.  As for entrees, they are decent and innovative enough, but they just don’t seem to be the heart and soul of the restaurant.  Furthermore, the prices are bit high for the portion sizes/level of technique.

Basically, order yourself a crisp Peroni and some pasta or pizza and enjoy the chill atmosphere on a quiet corner of Meramec Ave.

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