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American Patriot Beer – aka sweet, fungal bread water

September 29, 2012

Wow.   I’m sorry, I normally adhere to the ‘to-each-their-own’ principle when it comes to beverages.  To paraphrase: to thine own palate be true.  This beer though– breathtakingly, stunningly, objectively bad.  Just astounding that someone thought it’d be a good idea to bottle this sweet, fungal bread water and besmirch all that is good and wonderful about beer.  Further astounding that this saccharine bile should claim to honor our fair beer loving city.   Allegedly it’s an homage to Budweiser, which was deemed inadequate after the international buy-out.  I sympathize with the patriotic motivations.  However, I am gobsmacked that someone who has actually tasted Budweiser, or any beer for that matter, could taste a sample of American Patriot and say ‘yep, that’s exactly the same, full steam ahead.’  Woof.   If you buy it, which I don’t recommend, I guess do so out of some perverse curiosity about what constitutes truly bad beer.  Yet, while you’re at the store, pick up something else.  You will deeply regret not having back-up.

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