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Lulu Seafood…and then some

September 13, 2012

Lulu Seafood and Dim Sum – honestly, just fabulous.  For a long time, Yen Ching’s was my go to Chinese restaurant.  And since one is silver and the other is gold, ya da ya da, I certainly won’t be jettisoning the old stand-by that has seen plenty of weekend mother/daughter lunch dates.  However.  Lulu’s serves up the best damn kung pao I have truly ever eaten.   Plus, every dish is packed with flavorful veggies that come off not as filler (I’m looking at you, every-chinese-delivery-joint-that-thinks-I’ll-confuse-celery-and-water-chestnuts-for-pork), but as crunchy, key components.   Oh, and they have tiki glasses.  Tiki glasses filled with strong mai tais and long island iced teas.  What more do you need?

So yeah.  You’ve seen it on all the best-of lists.  I’ll add one more voice to the chorus.  Head on up to Olive (don’t worry, it’s well east of where traffic becomes scary).

Lulu Seafood on Urbanspoon

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