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Crushed Red – Getting Chopped Salad Religion

June 28, 2012

When PB suggested we run to Crushed Red in Clayton for lunch one day, I reacted with a rousing “meh, ok.”  Casual quick salad and pizza fare?  Well, alright.  That’s fine.  I didn’t want to go anywhere fun either.

Man.  The benefit of ambivalent, if not low, expectations.  I apologize, Crushed Red, for my initial dismissiveness – basic concept, yet stellar execution.  I’ve been a repeat customer half-a-dozen times just in the last few weeks.

I’m not going to focus on the restaurant’s pizza though.  (1) It’s your basic pizza.  Oblong and flat-bread-ish.  Lots o’ fresh toppings and a puffy crust that – while it’s not my cup of tea – is nothing to gripe about.  (2) I just haven’t had it enough.  Why?  Because I’ve been going bananas on their salads.

Crushed Red has a bevy of chopped salad options, from which you select and wait for cafeteria style while the cooks toss and chop their little hearts out.   Chopped salad – where have you been all my life?!  I mean, I’m quite certain I’ve had one before – this is not an earth shattering idea.  But have I, really?  Because I’m sure I would have taken note about each bite being a flavor bomb of the individual salad components.   I may be making good faith effort to be healthy by eating a salad, but don’t get it twisted, I’m lazy.  Sure an artful array of seared tuna, green beans, and potatoes on top a bed of greens is pleasing to the eye, yet in my heart of hearts, I just want a tasty hash o’veggies.

My enthusiasm is probably due to the fact that the array of pre-selected combinations are solid enough that even my picky, bossy self has yet to be tempted to ‘build my own’ combo.  Soo many chopped options!  Favorites: Cowpoke Smoke (roasted sirloin steak, roma tomato, red onion, blue cheese, & crispy jalapeno straws with mixed field greens, goddess dressing) and South of the Border (avocado, roma tomato, roasted corn, cheddar cheese, & tortilla strips with mixed field greens, low fat chipotle ranch).  Salads come in three sizes (medium shown below).  I have found that the mini is an ample amount of food, even when ravenous.  Oh, and did I mention the price is right?  Minis top out at five bucks.

So, pick up a salad (or pizza) to go, or order and take a seat.  And either way (on a slightly random note) grab yourself a big spoonful of ROASTED GARLIC that they keep in a GALLON JUG by the pizza fixins.  Oh man.  Like.  Candy.

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