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The Magnificent Ataulfo Mango

April 26, 2012

The Tommy Atkins mango is a poor excuse for a mango  or is at best a crap shoot in your standard grocery store.  Sure, they’re fine for your standard mango salsa or relish – when paired with peppers and onions and cilantro, who can tell it’s mediocre or fiber-y.  And, I’ll admit, once in a while ol’ Tommy comes through.  Every time though that I get an anemic, flavorless, overbred-for-size mango, I long for an Ataulfo mango.  Now that’s a tasty mango.

Ataulfos have  a smooth buttery texture.  Small pit.  They are sweet and tangy.  I’ll cut one of those suckers up and eat the whole thing unadorned.  No yogurt, no accompaniment, just the mango.

Where can you get such a magnificent mango?  Mexico. Orrrr, perhaps more conveniently, Global Foods Market (Kirkwood) from early April through mid-summer.  That’s right, not all year round.  So do yourself and favor and snag some now.

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