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Cloth Napkins: Fancy-Pants & Green

March 29, 2012

Alder & Co’s colorific napkins are what first brought me to weirdly lust after napkins.   They just made available a whole host of new color combos.

Soft Cities napkins – so creative, so sweet.  Basically, these napkins feature a map with a location of your choice – any place near and dear to you. The company then prints your map with special markers that you’ve chosen (like “Mom and Dad’s” or “BEST TACOS EVER”) and prints them locally on 100% Kona cotton (they also make fleece blankets).   Supposedly “endless options!!!” [note to self, remember for gift purposes]

As they are most immediately in my price range, Etsy was my source for some gray linen napkins, like the ones pictured below.  Neutral, natural fiber – seemed neat.  Oddly, whole bunch of natural linens on Etsy come from Latvia.  Who knew?

Oh, elephants.  Oh, Thomas Paul. ❤

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