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Bogart’s Smoke House – Suuuuu-eyyy Pig

February 23, 2012

 Last Friday, the sun was out, the temperature was in the upper 50s, and our bellies demanded barbecue.  It was time for a trip to Bogart’s Smoke House.  And it was clear that the fates wanted us to go to Bogart’s because darnit if we didn’t get the pertiest parking spot, smack in front, even though it was the day before Mardi Gras (watch them port-o-potty trucks).

Yes, it may take you a minute or two to locate a spot.  Yes, there may be a line near or out the door.  But be not discouraged.  Bogart’s moves ’em fast, so it’s not that bad.  The seemingly limited spots both inside at tables and outside along the curbs are continually opening up. Ultimately, a reasonable amount of effort is admirably rewarded with tasty pig (or beef) parts.

So what does one get at Bogart’s?  Well, I demanded that they put their best cloven hoof forward and ordered a half-rack of ribs.  They could have been just the ever-so tiny bit more tender, but I’m nitpicking.  The sticky glaze on the baby-backs was fantastic.  After the addition of some of their Voodoo Sauce and Mad Maggie’s Vinegar sauce, I ate every bit (although, if I’m honest, adding more sauce on these ribs was probably unnecessary).   Of the sides I sampled with my ribs: the beans were standard and stellar, the deviled egg potato salad was creamy but needed a touch of tangy zing (fix = a squirt of Mad Maggie’s), and the slaw was…slaw.

Allow me to pay Bogart’s array of four sauce options a little more attention.  Sweet Maegan Ann’s is their standard, sweet KC Masterpiece-esque sauce.  If you order a pulled pork sandwich to go (which I did for a lucky PB) and you don’t specify what sauce you want to accompany it, then you will automatically get a container of Sweet Maegan Ann – I recommend in that scenario that you request at least one more.  Pineapple Express has a little fusion flair (read, barbecue + pan-asian).  You can definitely taste the pineapple – not sure if it would be my go-to sauce.  Mad Maggie’s Vinegar sauce gives you a delightful vinegar and heat bite.  It was excellent on the sweet glazed ribs and it’s dandy for punching up Sweet Maegan Ann.  Voodoo Sauce is likely what I will slather a pulled pork or brisket sandwich with when I have the good fortune of another Bogart’s trip.  Sweet plus heat.

My advice, go just slightly before noon, thus avoiding any possibility of Bogart’s running out of various options, as well as maybe getting ahead of a big wave right around 12:30.

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  1. SPK permalink
    February 25, 2012 9:52 am

    1. Their pig skins are excellent.
    2. True Bogarts fans get their orders to-go and carry their food down to International Tap House.

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