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Four Hands? Four Thumbs Up

February 17, 2012

Yes, we in St. Louis have a cup that runneth over with beer.  Happy days are here to stay.

So.  Four Hands.  I’ll make this relatively quick.  Solid beers (I’m not going to belabor it – that’s for a post on another blog).  Surprisingly, a kick ass bloody mary.  Dark, but friendly space.  I’d love to put some dramatic, draping curtains around their huge viewing window that looks into the brewing warehouse from the bar – would totally enhance the space/vibe.  No food service, but I’m a big fan of the fact that food trucks (ex. Seoul Taco) have a habit of chilling right outside the door on the weekends.  Live music.  Dedicated foosball room.  Your standard, chill weekend night stopover – meaning, I don’t know if I’d post up there for an entire evening, but perfect for a drink.  To that end, if I had five hands, I’d give it four thumbs up.  One parting, irrelevant volley though – the tagline “ales without borders”….ugh, boo.  Whatever, if there’s good beer – which there is  – I don’t care.


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