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Del Posto Videos – Mesmerizing

January 21, 2012

Del Posto is an NYC restaurant headed by such greats as Joe and Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali, and via a very sharp production company, they’ve generated a number of mesmerizing/fascinating videos – pretty savvy marketing of the restaurant.  Remember on Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street when there would be a 2-3 minute video vignette about how something is made, set to music? [My FAVORITE, making crayons, see below]  Well, the Del Posto videos are essentially the adult, foodie equivalents of those.  I came across the Del Posto video that depicts breaking down a massive tuna (whoa) and have since watched pretty much the rest of them.  I’ve included the ones for gnocchi and cappellacci, but if you want to zone out for like twenty minutes just watch them all.  Enjoy.



[oh, what the hell, a third one, just for dessert]


[annnddd, Sesame Street, as promised]

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