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PW Pizza – Mighty Fine Pie

January 18, 2012

   PW Pizza, of the Moulin Events/Vin de Set/Eleven Eleven family, has some mighty fine pie as discovered this past weekend.  The hankering for pizza was kicked off with a friend’s suggestion to make a Blackthorn trip.  Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out (in light of the expected hour wait and all) and we needed to come up with an alternative.  Pi is always a favorite, but PB and I had been there somewhat recently, anddddd the CWE location is not equipped with tv’s to facilitate NFL playoff watching…  Well, what had been on my to-eat list and is equipped with a couple very fine flat screens?  PW Pizza it was.

Moulin’s building on Chouteau is a monstrous going concern.  That night PW and Vin de Set clearly had a packed house, not to mention the two – count ’em two – wedding receptions that were taking place on various levels.  We waited about twenty minutes for a table for two, not bad at all on a Saturday night, especially with a fair beer list at our disposal.

To the pizza.  They have quite a few pre-designed pizza options.  Most are tempting, a couple seem intriguing if potentially funky (chimichurri, prime rib, bacon, red onion and blue cheese), and they naturally leave open a create-your-own option. We opted for the Creole Connection (traditional tomato sauce, chorizo, shrimp, red onion, roasted jalapenos, mozzarella/monterey jack), but made our own addition of pineapple.  Pineapple = a very good call in light of the heat and salt happening.  Crust was thin, no crunch, but not doughy at all – very light.  The tomato sauce was not particularly aggressive (a la Pi) and had a sweet note.  On a spectrum between Katie’s Pizzeria (artisanal, 5) and Pointer’s (good ol’ pizza slice, 1), PW is smack in the middle at maybe 3 – best of both you might say.

Oh, and the murals of bygone STL breweries that cover the brick walls by Grace E. McCammond (of Signature Arts) are quite cool indeed.  Love the black, florid borders.

PW Pizza on Urbanspoon

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