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Piccadilly – Breakfast Revelation

January 11, 2012

Piccadilly at Manhattan – comfortable and welcoming, through and through, from it’s location tucked back in Maplewood neighborhood streets, the space, the people, the menu, all of it. I know that Piccadilly’s chicken pot pie and fried chicken have achieved a certain level of fame, but I’m not even addressing the restaurant’s highly delicious dinner fare. No, I want to highlight the restaurant for its breakfast.

It’s not as if breakfast food is terribly difficult to execute. Generally, even the lowest form of potatoes, eggs, and pancakes will end up hitting the spot. However, when breakfast food is done well, it is pure delight. What you see there to the left are tender, non-plate sized pancakes (a rarity when eating out, and how I prefer them), home-made breakfast sausage, and just a touch of fruit (wasn’t listed on the menu) to provide a fresh bite in between the main events. Oh, and the eggs were done as a I requested and the hashbrowns were just crispy enough. So yeah, throw in some orange juice and that’s a stellar Saturday breakfast right there.

Ok, but I have to admit something. Even though we were well aware of Piccadilly’s superb lunch and dinner options, it was not our first choice that morning. Initially, we had set out for the Boardwalk Cafe (in Webster), and were crushed to find that it was closed for renovations (more on Boardwalk another time). After a few minutes of deep thought – more like after a few minutes appealing to the Urban Spoon app – Piccadilly surfaced as a viable option. A true stroke of luck that my eyes were opened to Piccadilly in the morning. Now if I want to swiftly induce a Saturday food coma I have yet another establishment from which to select.

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