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Dressel’s, you are breaking my heart.

December 4, 2011

Normally, on a gloomy day like today, when I have an abundance of work to slog through, I might indulge in an afternoon break at my favorite public house, Dressel’s.  I would pack up my reading and head towards the coziness of a Dressel’s booth, a pint and a Ploughman’s Platter (the sausage, the pickled green beans, the chutney, the cheese!!) or a solid, through-and-through Reuben.  Alas, today, that is not to be.

Several weeks ago, my mom (another staunch fan of the pub) and I happily decided it was a day for a Dressel’s lunch.  However, upon settling in and reviewing the menu, we were distraught to find that the menu had been drastically re-tooled and that some of our favorites had been casualties.  The changes, overall, had an air of being chichi.  I’ll admit that there were quite a few things I didn’t miss and, perhaps, a paring down was in order, but I certainly can’t say that some of the new additions were any better than what was jettisoned .

Case in point, the Truffled Grilled Cheese sandwich I ordered on that disappointing day.  The grilled cheese itself was just fine, if expectedly rich, but the tomato soup was dull and severely lacked the acid zing needed to balance out the melted cheese oozing out of the sandwich.  Certainly, not a dish worthy of replacing the Reuben.

So, by all means, Dressel’s, refresh and reinvent yourself if you must, but please, I implore you, don’t ditch the classics.

PS  The chips, normally quite good, were like flat, circular, soggy french fires when I was there a couple of weeks ago for a Friday evening drink – no crisp or crunch at all.  Come on!!!  Breaking my heart.

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