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The Good Pie – Merely Good

October 6, 2011

Of late, I have been spending a fair amount of time in midtown.  Plenty of favorites in that neck of the woods.  However, one eatery is not – perhaps surprisingly – at the tippy-top of the list.  I am well aware that The Good Pie, along Olive, has quite a following.  Wood fired neopolitan style pizza, swoon!

Meh.  I’m not fully on board the Good Pie love-fest train.  Don’t get me wrong, it is ‘good’ pie.   So, here’s my deal.   1. I question their toppings sometimes – they can be more artful than flavorful, and they are often heftier than their thin crust can support (the middle gets soggy fast).  2. In keeping with the Good Pie’s devotion to aesthetics, the restaurant also insists on serving their pizzas unsliced, providing the diner with a pizza cutter.  I’m sure this to preserve the integrity of their precious wood-fired crust.  Come on, I really don’t want to futz with that.  Especially when sharing pizzas with others.  The chewy crust takes quite a bit of effort just to cut, much less keep the toppings in place.  In the sharing scenario- ‘why yes, here, have this mangled piece I have half-cut, half-torn with my hands – sorry the spinach and parmesan has totally slid off.’

They do have a good beer selection (always a plus in my ledger).  Ultimately, though, I’m going to go to Katie’s Pizza or Pi or Blackthorn Pub for pizza – sources for great pie, not just good.

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