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Sweetie Pie’s – Long Time Coming

September 22, 2011

 I don’t know why it took me so long to get to Sweetie Pie’s – especially since it is all of ten minutes away.  Even with the build-up of expectations, Sweetie Pie’s did not disappoint.  Long and short of it – you should be high-tailing it to the Grove sometime soon.  It’s getting cooler.  You can indulge in some bone-sticking food.

When I went, I had an ideal scenario – I was with someone who was willing to trade me a piece of their fried fish for two of my four fried chicken wings.  If your dining partners are not amenable to such bartering and you are stuck between those two headlining dishes, then I suggest you go with the fried chicken.

Now, I had a pretty good idea that their fried chicken would be up to snuff (still not as a good as my father’s, what can you do), but the bigger surprise was their mashed potatoes & gravy.  No easy feat on a cafeteria line (which is how Sweetie Pie’s is arranged) to have tasty mashed potatoes and gravy.  Green beans were pretty standard.  Cornbread though was actually – gasp – a bit dry.  However, I have been informed that this was an anomaly.  I’m sure I will give them a chance to redeem themselves in the very near future.

Other points: they have sweet tea, they properly make sliced onion and dill pickles available (cuts richness), super friendly staff, and every fried dish packs a satisfying salty punch without being excessive.  Oh, but one more cornbread issue, they didn’t have honey for the tables.  Come on, Sweetie Pie’s.  You should know better.

By the by, if you go in the next couple months, by entering the restaurant you will be implicitly giving a waiver/agreeing to appear on t.v. in the reality show currently being filmed on various days at the restaurant.  Small  price to pay.

(those aren’t scrambled eggs, just gooey/cheesy mac n’cheese.  blame my camera work)

Sweetie Pies at the Mangrove on Urbanspoon

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