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Time for some grown-up plates – Bennington Potters

September 7, 2011

No doubt about it, I am instinctively drawn to bright, primary colors. Say I buy some ART, bring it home, hang it on the wall – I’ll be damned if it’s not predominately composed of reds and blues and yellows.

So, now that I am ready to take the plunge (after like six years) and stop using the plates that my mom saved from her very first apartment, it comes as little surprise that I have set my sights on plates in a primary hue.  I present to you the blue agate Bennington Pottery stoneware I covet.

Bennington is based in Vermont and I stumbled across them while in Burlington several years ago.  When I was there, I picked up a spoon rest and one, lone deep bowl (for ice cream).  No offense to my now vintage hand-me downs, but every day I see my spoon rest on my stove range and think – soon, soon.

Their stuff is heavy and durable, and while these pictures look particularly rustic, in person the shade of blue is so deep that it looks fairly chic.  They have variety of other colors, but the blue is a classic.  I know top flight chefs believe in pure white plates so that the food being served is center stage.  Whatever.  I like color.  Plus, blue is largely believed to be an appetite suppressant.  Cool grown-up plates and potentially slimming.  BONUS!!

PS   If memory serves me, Muddy Waters is an eminently awesome coffee shop (that also purveys beer and tasty food) in downtown Burlington.  Loved the atmosphere.  Right up there with Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese and Dressel’s as a place I could happily hide away in for hours while foul weather rages outside.

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