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Love ‘the kitchn’ and, my apologies

April 1, 2011

First the apologies.  You know, when you’ve gotten off your exercise routine (a week? a month? a year?) and then it becomes ever more difficult to start back up again?  Well, this whole blog thing is yet another activity susceptible to that same lost momentum/uphill climb defeatism.  No biggy though.

What I have to say now is easy enough.  Among the blogs I follow, ‘the kitchn’ is one of my favorites.  Great diversity and frequency of foodie related posts (it is a multi-person enterprise, after all).

Anyways, I don’t really “write into things.”  Meh.  Just not what I do.  However, I did have a kitchen gadget related question (which I won’t elaborate upon, just click the clink) and no time to do my own research.  I was pleasantly surprised that the folks at the kitchn decided to highlight my quandary, and thus give me access to kitchn reader responses (surprisingly helpful).

You might think that ‘quandary’ is a bit of a strong word to describe a search for a honey pot, but dude, I now have two of these big guys because my parents rejected one they bought for themselves.  Not that I am complaining.  But that kind of bottle (it has a cork that gets all honey-gooey) and the frequency with which I am now dispensing honey (again, new greek yogurt obsession) = a recipe for trouble.  Although I initially wanted something fancy schmancy, I think the kitcnn  made a good point that a standard squeeze bottle may be best.  Function over form when something sticky is involved, I suppose.

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