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Hello, my tasty little friend….

January 17, 2011

During pre-Christmas excess, I decided to whip up some lobster rolls for no less than six people.  This, I knew, would require a prodigious amount of lobster meat.  Unlike my first run at the Thomas Keller Ad Hoc recipe (for just two people), measly frozen lobster tales from Schnucks would be insufficient.

Up for a challenge and enticed by the idea of fresh lobster meat, I sought out a purveyor of fresh seafood delights.  I settled on Bob’s Seafood on Olive after a short scan of google results and was ultimately very pleased with the product.  Got three live lobsters, took them home, boiled the tasty little suckers alive, and spent the better part of afternoon extracting every last bit of meat.  I was unaware that I didn’t need to remove the rubber bands pre-boil, so getting the first crustacean in the pot was a little touch and go (also determined on that first run that a lid is a very good idea to prevent thrashing tails from spilling boiling water everywhere).  However, I clearly have just enough innate bloodlust (credit paternal side) that the whole thing was kind of exciting.

Having never dealt with whole lobsters before, I was pleasantly surprised to find that three of them supplied enough tender deliciousness for 8 or so amply filled sandwiches and quite a bit left over (great for snacking on crackers).  Bob’s was by no means cheap, but hey, it is lobster after all and it was definitely cheaper than buying a bunch of frozen tails or, gasp, whole foods.

Will definitely be returning to Bob’s since the rest of their fish looked very nice indeed – some whole fish, mussels, oysters, ruby red tuna, and filets from interesting varieties of fish. I liked the fact that their display cases were actually relatively empty, keeping the bulk of their product in more optimal conditions than on a bed of ice.

(the remains)

(the spoils of combat)

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  1. January 27, 2011 6:54 pm

    “However, I clearly have just enough innate bloodlust (credit paternal side) that the whole thing was kind of exciting.”

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