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Triple D – McConaughey and Fieri

January 9, 2011

No, in this instance, Triple D is not a reference to Guy Fieri’s shorthand for one of his Food Network shows, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Rather, it actually sums up an episode of his other show, Guy’s Big Bite, which boasted a guest appearance by his big buddy, Matthew McConaughey.  Yes, for a full hour the dyanmic duo of douchedom yucked it up and made some truly horrendous oysters, among other things.  I found it IMMENSELY entertaining.  Seriously, watch it if you stumble upon it.

I am going to paraphrase one McConaughey story that was just..magnifico.

Guy: So what’s that big boat thing over your oven at home.

McConaughey: Well…no, it’s not a boat.  It looks more like uh, more like an upside-down sombrero…or a canoe.

Guy: And you picked up the upside-down sombrero during a movie shoot, right?

McConaughey:  Yeah, yeahhhhh.  We were shooting in the East.  And in this one village, in front of the temple, they had this stone structure with five holes in it.  And the poor and the rich would come and pound their rice [said while making a churning butter motion].  Just so beautiful.  Touching.

McConaughey: So we did was, uh, bring that thing back here.  Flip it upside down.  Put lights in the five holes.  And hang it over our stove.

Guy: Awesome.

So yeah.  That about sums it up.  What has happened, food network?


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