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One 19 North – ‘Blech’ says it all

January 8, 2011

Jeezum.  It took a shockingly bad meal to get me out of my holiday snooze mode.  The night I ate at One 19 North the company I kept was fantastic, but the food was decidedly not.

To my knowledge, this restaurant is relatively new to Kirkwood.  If it has much longevity it will be because it is a decent watering hole ($1.18 sangria at happy hour) .

When we got there, they had what seemed to be a nice list of deals for happy hour  – a selection of half-priced menu items and a couple of drinks.  While waiting for the third member of our group, we selected the Greek Cucumber Salad and the Fried Sweet Chili Chicken Wings.  When our third arrived, we ordered

Now, Greek Cucumber Salad, what does that conjure up in your head?  Oh, maybe some large chunks of cucumber, maybe some tomato, some feta, some olives, dressed in olive oil.  You know.  A salad.  Hard to mess up really.  What did we receive? A bowl of what may have once been the components of a typical greek salad, but which was now diced teeny tiny to the texture of a chunky salsa and served with an abundance of peta bread.  Was surprisingly difficult to construct a manageable bite.   Far from the refreshing salad we had had in mind.

Not a whole to say about the Fried Sweet Chili Chicken Wings.  Yet, they were probably best thing we had that night because the rest of it, egad.

– Roasted potatoes bland bland bland.  No spicy Bravas sauce, no aioli.  Nothin’.  Just dry ol’ potatoes.

– The pan seared carnitas weren’t as dismal as the potatoes.  The meat wasn’t tough … that’s all I can say.

– The chorizo sauce topping the pan seared jumbo scallops was bizarre and unappetizing looking.  Also seemed to mask what I think were not entirely fresh scallops.  Blech.

To sum up.  Cheap sangria at happy hour. Maybe some ok wings to go with said sangria.  I would not hazard anything else.

“Best” things from the meal.  Hands down the chicken wings and the Sangria.

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  1. Andrea Winter permalink
    February 1, 2011 6:03 pm

    Your description of the Greek cucumber salad has me laughing out loud. You capture both our misery and disappointment so well. You forgot to mention how they tried to turn the carnitas into a appetizer dip…that was so confusing and upsetting, yet some how memorable.

    • February 1, 2011 6:17 pm

      hahaha – glad you approve of my account of the evening. blurgh. note that I left out one of the big offenders – our “special” drink

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