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Nosh – Jalapeno Margartini Revelation

December 19, 2010

Just a short post to note some awesomeness.  Had dinner at Nosh last night (to-date, have only joined them for lunch).  Yes, yes – salad was well-dressed/simple, shrimp and lobster paella was decent, and the gooey butter cake was, well, gooey and sweet  (and a more than ample portion was provided).  However, what actually blew me away was one of their cocktails.

Jalapeno Margatini.  Now, the ‘tini’ part of that appellation is a cute, unnecessary flourish since the base of the cocktail is just a classic margarita with fresh lime juice – nothing ‘tini’ about it.  I will not quibble further with that though because whatever it’s called it was delicious — if you find yourself on the main drag of Manchester in Maplewood for some drinks, then you should probably stop in for a tipple.

They mix up a margarita and shake it with some fresh slices of jalapeno.  Simple, no?  Well, I’ll admit that I was not the adventuresome one to try it right off the bat.  PB was though, and he ordered well.   I copied immediately.  On any day, I will not turn down a margarita.  And a margarita (with sufficiently salted rim) laced with just a bit of heat that hits just in the right spot in the back of your throat, magnifico.

[Guess this wasn’t so short, was it?  OH well.]

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