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Michael’s Salad and Wings – I long for thee

December 4, 2010

I understand that some people – not I at the moment – have leisurely free Sundays.  So, want a place to watch the football game with some grade A wings (better than Culpeppers)?  Hungering for a gyro and some dolmadas?  Maybe your pantry is empty and you just need a square meal.  Then Michaels’s Bar and Grill – near and dear to my heart – should be on your radar.   It’s a very unassuming place.  East on Manchester just past the main drag of Maplewood.

Best. Greek salad.  Hands down.  I swear, I could eat it all the time.  And I typically don’t order steak out unless I am at some place decadent/geared towards beef (see Annie Gunn’s below), but their steaks are even decent.  Basically, it’s just an all-around, tried and true bar and grill (see their thick ol’ steak fries).  They’re usually pretty busy, lunch or dinner, and that’s after the economic downturn.  Pre  disaster-ville, Michael’s, on literally any night of the week, would be bustling to the point of bursting.  Which is why this is one of the restaurants I am particularly mindful of continuing to give custom.  Because if Michael’s disappears… well, that would be a sad day indeed.  Want to dine-in now that the weather is truly chilly?  Well, they’ll be happy to prep a carry-out order for you.  Have done it many a time.

(I’m telling you– yum)

Michael's Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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