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Milagro Modern, Meh

November 19, 2010

Milagro.  Oh, Milagro.  I have struggled with this restaurant.  When I first heard the chatter about Milagro Modern Mexican, I was prettttty excited.  New Mexican restaurant?!  In Webster Groves?!  Wunder bar.  Let’s. Go. Now.

So, at first opportunity, I did go.  Anddddd…..drumroll….Meh. Chips and salsa (on the smoky/sweeter side) were fine.   My tacos al pastor were  no where near as good as those found at la vallesana on cherokee street — the pineapple had that sweet/acrid/past-its-prime taste.  Rice was mushy.

Yet, the chatter continued.  On Sauce.  On urbanspoon.  Amongst friends and family.  Alright, Milagro round two.  Grilled tilapia tacos — flavor was actually pretty good, but they were soggy and darn near impossible to eat without them falling apart completely.  Round three was an improvement, but still didn’t knock my socks off.  Stepped out of the taco rut and got chicken with mole poblano.  Chicken was tender, mole certainly had a lot going on, but rice was once again wayy mushy.

The vibe isn’t particularly up my alley – there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on that just rubs the wrong way.  (Pulling a punch here)  I will admit the service is excellent – but service alone doesn’t really justify what I think are high-ish prices.  Grain of salt: My analysis here may be colored by brain/mouth confusion, meaning brain says to tongue, “Hey hey, we’re gonna snag some mexican?  — YEAH!”  And  then when I am not eating standard margarita-hole fare….well, disappointment.

Which is probably why there’s buzz.  It’s a different kind of Mexican restaurant – a novel approach to Mexican fare, at least novel for St. Louis.   However, pseudo authenticity does not automatically a good restaurant make.  Admittedly, St. Louis Mexican food is not exactly incredible.  And I don’t think the addition of Milagro Modern really alters the balance much.

Milagro Modern Mexican on Urbanspoon

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  1. November 22, 2010 11:00 am

    Was the pulled punch related to the fact that it’s a khakis-and-white-people place in the heart of suburban darkness? That it looks like it was decorated by the sexlessest pastel-and-khaki clad upper middle class housewife?

    • November 22, 2010 4:20 pm

      Coulddd beeee….

      But it is downtown Webster near and dear to my heart. Suburban darkness is more accurately west county. Could fit in out there.

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