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Annie Gunn’s – Gluttony Done Right

October 27, 2010

After a three-hour eating and drinking festivus at Annie Gunn’s last night, I definitely felt a little round today.  Six of us fit perfectly in one of their private booths and it made for a jolly time.

Even I remember when Chesterfield was not INSANE and Annie Gunn’s used to be one of the few things out on the stretch of 40 around Boone’s Crossing.  Protein and booze – that’s what they did well then and that’s what they continue to do well now.  Maybe the thick stem-ware made it seem more impressive, but I think their cocktail glasses are at least 8 ounces, making for a sizeable signature dirty martini.

Sufficiently primed by good conversation and gin, the food started arriving.  We started with some of their mongo (technical term) smoked shrimp and a flavorful potato pancake topped with slab bacon and pear chutney.  In the heat of the moment, salads had also been ordered, which were so overwhelming that I pulled the grad student card (at the expense of decorum) and took the remainder of my sliced beefsteak tomato/goat cheese/sweet onion salad to go.  My ribeye and garlic mashed potatoes were exactly what they should be.  Anddd– the fresh vegetable side was not an afterthought, as it oftentimes is at such meat-centric restaurants.  Asparagus was not overdone and the winter squash was flavorful (probably due to mounds of butter, ha).

Although Annie Gunn’s definitely qualifies as fine dining, it is wholly unpretentious.  It is quite pricey though and has a more…mature…vibe of the West County set.  But good food is good food.  I think it is entirely appropriate that there is a large bronze pig sitting proudly and contentedly with his bucket in front of Annie Gunn’s.  Soundly embodies the spirit of the place.

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