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Stl. Frozen Yogurt – Low Fat, High on Fad

October 12, 2010

Ohhh frozen yogurt.  The health-nut hippy of the current obsession desserts.*

I am an ice cream devotee, and frozen yogurt is no substitute.  Just a completely different dessert for a completely different mood.  And when that mood strikes, there are at least three frozen yogurt purveyors to choose from in St. Louis.  Chill on Wydown on the edge of Clayton, Fro Yo in the heart of the loop, and Yo My Goodness in downtown Webster Groves.  All of them…are..prettttty much the same.  In fact, Yo My Goodness and Fro Yo have exactly the same color scheme, despite different ownership.  Chill does get crazy and depart from lime green/pink decor with an eggshell blue theme.  However, like Chill’s Stl yogurt brethren, they have six or so yogurt dispensers, each with two flavors (plus swirl), and a buffet of toppings.  They all sell by weight and they all have crazy-huge yogurt containers to encourage customers’ eyes to out-vote their stomachs.

Despite any real difference between the three, I have a warm spot in my heart for Yo My Goodness because (1) great name, (2) it’s in Webster Groves, and (3) they usually carry “tart” – unlike the other two – which is the classic, actually-tastes-like-yogurt option.   Some of the flavors are kinda fun – blackberry, which was available at all three over the summer, is particularly tasty.  And some are kinda ick – ex. Chill’s pumpkin spice.  Fun flavors or not, I find that in all three of Stl yogurt shops, their product can seem kinda grainy (larger ice crystals).  A sign that they are probably using faux yogurt-stuff with too much water in it.

Even though we seem to be well supplied already, I would welcome a yogurt joint that actually sells frozen yogurt, instead of posing as a snobby incarnation of TCBY.   The above stores are fine, but they could do better.

*Completing the trifecta, cupcakes (plump housewife) and macarons (snobby divorcee).

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