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Bright colors, fat and sugar: Lubeley’s

October 5, 2010

Lubeley’s Bakery is not a fancy bakery.  It’s not avant-garde or niche.  It is a standard, classic neighborhood bakery, full of tasty tasty baked goods.  Many a childhood birthday cake of mine sprung forth from Lubeley’s.  The sheet cake with an icing rose on each square so EVERYONE got one – Lubeley’s.  The bizarre three-tiered purple-iced cake for my eighth birthday – Lubeley’s.  Rainbow cookies that combine the irresistible elements of bright colors, fat, and sugar (and which my mom picked up as a special treat from time to time) – Lubeley’s.  And they excel at more than baked goods that involve gobs of buttercream.  If you find yourself near the intersection of Watson and Laclede Station, you should probablyyyy stop by.

Actually, I recently picked myself up one (or two) rainbow cookies because I was (1) in the neighborhood, and (2) in need of a reward for giving blood.  Flooding my reduced blood stream with a shock of sugar = superb decision.  Highly recommend.

Lubeleys Bakery & Deli on Urbanspoon

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