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Rantings of One Cool Dude

October 3, 2010

A certain someone put together a SPLENDIFEROUS celebratory surprise evening Friday night.  Bookending our evening were adventures in food: The Scottish Arms (lamb carpaccio, shepherd’s pie, Belhaven Scotch Ale) and Fountain on Locust (strawberry ice cream soda night cap).  And delightful as the eating portion of the evening was, it was not the main event.  ANTHONY BOURDAIN.  At the FOX.  PB did verryyyyy well.

In true book tour form, most of his talk was directly from his new book.  Consequently, his talk – much like his book – was a series of entertaining rants about: people that don’t know how to cook, vegetarians, gauche tourists, Steve Irwin (thinks he got his just deserts), etc..  He’d rant for a bit, build to a crescendo, let forth a stream of well-placed expletives, and everyone would cheer – he has definitely settled into an effective schtick.  Personally, I prefer his all out travel book “A Cooks Tour” and, of course, “Kitchen Confidential,” but his newest is decent fluff reading all the same.

Fawning adoration of someone you’ve only seen through a screen tends to make me uncomfortable.  So all those people that went up during Q&A session to say, “OMG, I LOVE you.  You changed my life.  You inspire EVERYTHING I DO.  Let me give you the name of my grandma in Beirut for the next time youre there.”  I get it.  You like Anythony Bourdain.  Cease your sycophantic ravings.

And there’s my rant.  Which is somewhat hypocritical since I was in the audience too – and damnnnn happy to be there.  Bourdain ranks right up there with Tina Fey of people whose lives I’d like to steal.


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