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Party-On Groupon

September 17, 2010

I have already written about my deep abiding love for any program that involves reward points.  Much like I am forever seeking to add to my stockpile of St. Louis Originals points, I eagerly open my email each morning to see if the daily Groupon offering is for any of my fave restaurants.  LoRusso’s, Kopperman’s Deli, Franco, Chez Leon — I’ve pounced on them all.  Because come on, if I can spend $15 online for like $35 at a restaurant I know I’d be happy to go to for a weekend treat, then why not.

Periodically, Original’s has similar discount coupon offerings for some really excellent places (Vin de Set, Bridge, etc.), but you can’t use them on grown-up beverages.  Boo.  Which isn’t to say that an individual Groupon couldn’t have a bar against alcohol in the covered amount – must read the fine print – but I haven’t encountered that limitation in any of my Groupon purchases.

And just to deviate from food frenzy for a moment, Groupon offers a wide array of coupons.  Upper Limits, Stl Cinemas, and Rolling Ridge have been some of my favorites.  Wooo, extra money!!

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