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Adventures in Pho

September 10, 2010

I have been stricken by some kind of walking death for like a week now (another reason among many this will be a short post).  Clearly time for a full frontal assault of orange juice, antibiotics and pho.  Chicken noodle soup is NOT going to clear out my sinuses like a bowl of pho broth spiced within an inch of its life with sriracha.  Cures what ails’ya.

I like Pho Grand, but have been meaning to try Mai Lee at Hanley and 40 for a while.   Proximity was in Mai Lee’s favor today, so there I found myself.  Grade:  A+.  Pho broth is pho broth.  So, nothing distinctive to report there.  The meat and the green fixings though, definitely higher quality than Pho Grand – and for just about the same price.   I thought its new location was a little weird, but the place had a hopping lunch crowd.

For more adventures in Pho – in whatever city you find yourself – Pho Fever is a fun little site.

Mai Lee on Urbanspoon

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