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Perennial Favorite – Big Sky

August 16, 2010

Big Sky in Webster Groves is just a short jaunt from my parents house and it has been favorite of mine for some time.  When transplanted graduate school friends ask for restaurant recommendations for parental/family visits, Big Sky is always on the list.  And that’s not just because they have my favorite mac n’cheese of ALLLL TIME.

(blissful marriage of cheddar, sage, bacon, butter, and corn bread crumbles)

Yes, Big Sky has much more to offer.  Cute setting, tight bistro/homestyle menu, reasonable prices, and it is in my hometown of my hometown (Webster Groves — St. Louis).   Although, Big Sky did break my heart when they downsized (literally, made smaller) their corn bread muffins and ceased to provide honey butter.  Oh well, this just prevents me from stuffing myself before my entrée even comes.  On their current menu, I highly recommend the pappardelle pasta with braised lamb if you’re in the mood for something with hearty flavor, but doesn’t sit too heavily.

A tiny note of disapprobation.  Why oh why Big Sky did you serve us the watermelon, ginger sangria.  We actually sent it back.  It was a special for the evening, and they never should have sent it out.  No zing.  Nothing remotely reminiscent of a refreshing sangria.  Just flat, sweet, somehow stale watermelon flavor that was in no way helped by the background hum of ginger.

But I can’t stay mad at you, Big Sky.  Your apple tart with cinnamon ice cream, carrot cake bites, and almond ice cream (particularly the apple tart) made everything right in the world.  Yes, there were four of us splitting.

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