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Lunch at a Farmhaus

August 9, 2010

Had lunch at a farmhouse on Friday – specifically Farmhaus Restaurant on Ivanhoe just South-East of Maplewood.  Local, fresh food that is also reasonably priced!  I’m there.

Now, their dinner menu changes nightly depending upon what they have in and I can’t say that I saw anything on their Thursday night menu that just made me salivate.  There was a peach salad with house ricotta and balsamic reduction, as well as “nachos” consisting of sweet potato chips and blue cheese that caught my attention.  So, perhaps an evening visit soon.

Whereas you would head to dinner at Farmhaus somewhat blind, their lunch is at the opposite end of the predictability spectrum.  Monday through Friday Farmhaus offers the same entrée, with the same sides, served with a salad and some iced tea all for $10.  Wunder bar.  As we were there on Friday, we had the salad, fried fish, red beans and rice, hush puppies, and mango iced tea.  Crust on the fish was great, the beans and rice were very well seasoned, and the cocktail sauce was an interesting condiment for the fish.  However, the hush puppies were just a tad greasy/heavy and I was glad I had kept my salad around through the entrée so I could have a bite of something fresh.

In fact, for most days, eating everything in one big course is probably the way to go since the lunches are comfort food all the way.  Ex. Monday: fried chicken, smashed potatoes, and mac n’cheese.  Woof.  However, if you have a hankering for some stick to your bones Farmhaus lunch fare, I suggest not dithering around since they only make a certain amount, and when they run out c’est la vie for late-comers.

I do plan on going back and hitting up their Thursday roast beef.

(love that frisee)

(fit to be fried)

Sidenote: Not far from Farmhaus is a small parish called Epiphany of Our Lord that is also an operating bowling alley.  I present to you, Epiphany Lanes.  I wonder if by the grace of God I could bowl something better than 120 there.

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  1. August 9, 2010 11:08 pm

    PMO and I have been eager to try dinner at the farmhaus. Perhaps we could put together a late summer/early autumn BLOGDATE w/ you and yours?

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