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mmmMMMMM Donuts AND a word on photography

July 23, 2010

Oh, I do enjoy myself a good donut.  And by enjoy, I mean I was pumped full of them in utero thanks to my mom’s most recurring craving  (thanks for the jump on solid brain development mom).  Naturally, donuts will always have a place in the very core of my being — literally.  So, when World’s Fair Donuts was declared favorite donut shop for at least the third year in a row by Sauce’s reader’s choice issue, I decided I had to make a trip posthaste.   They are open every day 4 am to 3pm and I swung by on a Sunday morning.  Finding this place was perhaps hazardous to my health as it is far too easy for me to swing by.  Here’s the street view.   It’s on Vandaventer within walking distance of the botanical garden.

I selected four donuts – two for me, two for my mom.  Chocolate icing, plain glazed, milk chocolate icing with rainbow sprinkles (MINE), and one topped with coconut.  These are classic  donuts.  Cake-like, but airy – not in any way thick or dry or greasy.  There’s a slight sugary crust and a soupçon of something fresh in the batter (lemon…maybe…I’m not sure).   And the icing is not overpoweringly thick, just exactly enough.  mmmMMMMMM donuts.

Now, I’d love to share a picture of these donuts, as seems to be required in the foodie-sphere.  However, I’ve decided I don’t really care for pre-dining pictures.  I like food.  And when a tasty looking plate appears before me or I have a fresh donut in my hot little hands, I rarely have the discipline to delay gratification long enough to snap an artful shot (that is if were I to have the skills to take an artful shot).  What I am saying, readers, is that from this point forward I will stop limiting my reviews to those establishments for which I have food porn to display.   Know thy limitations.

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