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The Shaved Duck, Get Thee Hence

June 10, 2010

I missed out on an outing to the Shaved Duck two months or so ago.  Some of my friends had been eager to sample french fries fried in duck fat.  Alas, at that time, the duck fat fries were no longer on the menu, but it mattered not.  Seriously, this is one of the few menus I have encountered where the kitchen could send out literally anything on it and I would be tickled.  Within three weeks of my first Shaved Duck experience, I’ve  been back three times.  AND they are a St. Louis Originals member!!  Which means in those three visits I racked up quite a few points.  Wunder bar.  [more on my love for St. Louis Originals in another post]

That half consumed plate of potato wedges covered in baked beans, brisket, and cheese may not look very perty, but oh man, they were a dee-light.  Supplemented with one of their three bbq sauce options (mustard South Carolina style, slightly sweet KC style, and one laced with jalapeno) – or a melange of all three at the same time – this dish served as an amply satisfying appetizer for two even though it’s listed as an entree.

I only highlight the above wedges because the potato, cheese, meat, and bbq sauce combo repeats itself on the menu several times, all solidly executed.  Ex. the smothered fries, which might actually be my favorite of the whole lot, but I sadly lack a picture of them (perhaps because the two times they’ve been in front of me at our table, they have been inhaled with Kraken-like voracity).

So yeah, Shaved Duck, get thee hence.  I personally vouch for the bratwurst burger, jalapeno creamed corn, duck and andouille gumbo (properly tear inducing), and beef brisket sandwich.  Notice I have no time for their salads, even though I’m sure they’re tasty.

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