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May 5, 2010

I could happily spend the entire day guzzling margaritas and cheese dip.  But no, I’ll be choking down the requirements of the felony murder rule. ….  I love cheese, spicy things, salty things, and lime flavored things, and tequila.  I know the holiday itself is kinda a sham.  But I. Do. Not. Care.  Which is why, at the first available opportunity after 4:20 on May 6th, I will be making the following.

Margaritas.  Just like mom makes – literally.

can of MinuteMaid Limeade





= in business

I am a firm believer in frozen juice concentrates for all varieties of high abv party punches; maximum flavor and minimum volume displacement.  It’s just efficient.  In the case of a margarita, the limeade satisfies all the lime needs of a margarita plus a touch of sweetness.  Empty it out in the blender while its still frozen, fill the empty tin 3/4 full of tequila (or however you roll) and toss it in, then fill the tin 1/3 full of cointreau toss it in, a sufficient amount of ice, frappe, salted rim, bliss.


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