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Hot Dogs, Hot Damn – Audi-K’s

April 28, 2010

In the land of D.C., I would frequent two different purveyors of meat in tube form with some regularity: (1) Manouche, (2) Ben’s Chili Bowl.  I say meat in tube form because only the former really qualifies as a hot dog.  At Ben’s, I would tend to get a tasty, tasty half smoke w/ chili and cheese and onions.  At Manouche’s hot dog cart (which would show up on Thurs/Fri/Sat nights across from the student center, waiting for drunk GW students) I went for hot dogs w/ GW sauce – a substance which defies definition.  Both are DC institutions.  But I only had the opportunity to make a video about one of them.

I mention my past exploits in hotdog-dom, because w/ the exception of the occasional hot dog at Busch Stadium, there’s not a bevy of hot dog options in St. Louis.  Yeah, Carl’s makes a fried hot dog, but who really goes to Carl’s for hot dogs.  And nowhere else really comes to mind.

As a result, I’ve eyed Audi-K’s hot dog and sno cone joint pretty much every time I’ve walked past it in the CWE.  Hot dogs AND sno cones! Come on.  A healthy selection of loaded hot dogs and chili dogs.  COME ON!

Finally, made a trip last night.  It wassssss….ok.  I wouldn’t kick it out of bed – especially if I have a craving for a hot dog.   Seems obvious to say.  Let me clarify.  Say you could go for really anything – not necessarily tubular meat.  In that scenario, there are better options available; Audi-K’s doesn’t quite pack enough punch to recommend it on its own, aside from its novelty nature.  Savvy?

Why the lukewarm response you ask?  Well, the bun could have been more substantive to hold the mound of goodies on my Dog Gone, the goodies themselves (kraut, pickles, cheese, onions, ketchup and mustard) were generic aside from the kraut, and the dogs themselves were similarly generic, and perhaps a little short.  The sum of its parts adds up to being fine.

Oh, and kind of an operational critique – the latest it’s open is 8pm.  You’re a hot dog place.  You are in throwing distance from Brennans, Bar Louie, Drunken Fish, Dressels, Llywelyn’s, and probably some I’m forgetting.  For the love of gravy, shift your manpower from like 2 to 5  Monday through Wednesday to some late night, weekend hours.  All those times I’ve walked by and peered in longlingly, I haven’t exactly seen the place packed.  If there’s anything that Manouche and Ben’s illustrated, Hot dogs + late night crowd = win, even if mediocre when sober (that does not apply to Ben’s).   They’re new though.  Maybe there’ll be an hours switch up with the full arrival of summer.

But the Mexican Chihuahua chili dog did look pretty enticing. Likelihood of a return visit, probably pretty good.  mmmmm

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