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Go Get Your Beer On

April 26, 2010

Oh why oh why has the universe conspired to fit so many awesome things into a two week span of time during which I am incapable of partaking in said awesomeness.  That’s fine I guess – screw you universe.  And my lame-ness doesn’t mean you can’t suck the proverbial marrow out of the veal bone that is life.  Go get your beer on during St. Louis Craft Beer Week.

It’s been nearly a year since I moved back to my home-town of St. Louis and my list of local brew pubs to visit never seems to diminish.  Not surprising since the damn things (i mean that affectionately) keep popping up every few months – Six Row in December being the most recent to my knowledge.  And, it is my intent to become fully fluent in the STL beer scene this coming summer – a lofty/worthy goal, if ever there was one.  But a week of STL beer – or more precisely ten days – is just so irresistibly efficient.   Well, that is if you are very decisive or have a very kindly DD because there are as many as seven beer-events per night.

If my demons get the better of me, I may sneak over to the beer and cheese tasting at the Tap Room on Tuesday or the international beer component of STL Microfest in Forest Park on Friday.

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