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And now for some throat clearing.

April 23, 2010

Getting this thing up and running in a real way has been delayed by an evil, all consuming force.  I will not say what the force is, but let it suffice to say that it will dissipate come mid-May.  I had been posting random things for sometime on a recycled study abroad blog of mine.  Why not start fresh though.  Maybe that would give me some focus.

Anyyyyyyyhoodle.  A dear friend of mine – after receiving DC dining suggestions from me for her upcoming trip to that fair city – suggested I “have a foodie blog” where I review St. Louis restaurants.  Well, yes, giving a foodie tinge to this thing had more than occurred to me.  How odd though I’d never really considered the restaurant, as opposed to recipe, approach.  It’s particularly odd since one of my favorite time wasting pursuits at my last job, erm, paid internship, was writing reviews on IgoUgo – a travel site that awards points towards frequent flyer miles for stellar reviews.  Points + food/entertainment happens to = one of my favorite past-times, point hoarding.  Hey, I got a dang toaster with Coke rewards points.  So, thank you CM, for pointing out what should have been obvious to me.  ‘Cause while I am somewhat hesitant to send many recipes out into cyberspace for fear of their mediocrity, I am quite confident in my ability to produce world class criticism, snark, and fawning foodie adoration.

And sadly, as the title suggests, this has been a lot of throat clearing, because the dark, evil forces are once again pulling me away.

None of this is to say that I will in any way adhere to a central theme.  Miscellany is nigh inevitable.

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